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Quid Creative

QUID is a Latin word used in Italian to describe a little, inexplicable detail that's missing, a peculiarity that makes the difference between something beautiful and something exceptional.
Our mission is to scout Italy to find this elusive “quid” and bring it to you.
We aim to promote a different interpretation of Made in Italy by selecting and marketing furniture featuring a combination of exceptional design, timeless elegance and technical excellence.
Quid Creative is an agency born to preserve Italian culture and traditions by promoting some of its best talents in the furnishing sector on the international stage.

QUID CREATIVE LTD is the result of a partnership between a London based design team and Activart srl, an Italian company that operates in the marketing and communication business.

Our idea of luxury products can only be achieved through the mix of the right ingredients:
the use of high quality materials, the craftsmanship of our network of small and medium size Italian companies, various skilled designers and artists from around the world and a production process that allows us to provide both limited series and unique pieces.

QUID isn't just a brand for a furniture line, it rather is a entrepreneurial philosophy able to join the preservation of Italian culture and traditions with the need of acting competitively on global markets.